What s so amazing about grace book

The story is set in a fishing village where the inhabitants avoid all pleasure for religious reasons. His outcry must shake our nation out of its guilty indifference. In speaking of rates of homicide in New York City neighborhoods, the Times refers to the streets around St.

What's So Amazing About Grace?

This is a remarkable book; I encourage all Americans to buy it and read it. None of their responses mentioned grace; most cited political stances, such as opposition to LGBT rights and abortion. A week later, a mother was murdered and her baby wounded by a bullet in the stomach while they were standing on a South Bronx corner.

Nearly 4, heroin injectors, many of whom are HIV-infected, live here. This volume has the tone and power of elegy. Why do Christians hate so much? I grew up in a church that often used the word but meant something else. Brook Avenue, which is the tenth stop on the local, lies in the center of Mott Haven, whose 48, people are the poorest in the South Bronx.

The phrase "scandal of grace" has become widely used in Christian circles. Rats emerge from holes in bedroom walls, terrorizing infants in their cribs. Many have to struggle to take in a good deep breath. In subsequent days, a man was shot in both his eyes and a ten-year-old was critically wounded in the brain.

A graceful church knows how to welcome failure and rewards vulnerability so that a person automatically thinks of the church when needing help. Three weeks after that, a minister and elderly parishioner were shot outside the front door of their church, while another South Bronx resident was discovered in his bathtub with his head cut off.

Virtually every child at St. In the streets outside, the restlessness and anger that are present in all seasons frequently intensify under the stress of heat. Yancey uses the word "ungrace" to describe actions that fail to demonstrate grace. Although she had belonged to a local church as a child, Debra had become irreligious by Do they believe that they are being shunned or hidden by society?

What do they think the world has done to them? Thepeople who live here and thepeople who live in Washington Heights and Harlem, which are separated from the South Bronx by a narrow river, make up one of the largest racially segregated concentrations of poor people in our nation.

Kozol is an important writer, but he is also an important presence. By and large, the words of the children in the streets and schools and houses that surround St. I became a write, I feel certain, in an attempt to reclaim words that had been tarnished by graceless Christians. In it, Yancey coined the phrase "scandal of grace", referring to the idea that God may choose to forgive people who have done evil deeds, citing the conversion of Paul the Apostle who was persecuting Christians.

What is it like for children to grow up here?

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

He brings us into overcrowded schools, dysfunctional hospitals, and rat-infested homes where families have been ravaged by depression and anxiety, drug-related violence, and the spread of AIDS. But I was unprepared for the hatred I get from Christians.

Thirty-five percent are children. I was already feeling terrible about myself. The play, which took the name of the book, was successfully produced outdoors by Buckfast Abbey in According to the author, he began writing the book in the same way he began most of his books: Amazing Grace is written in a gentle and measured tone, but you will wonder at the end, with Kozol, why the God of love does not return to earth with his avenging sword in hand.

Philip Yancey was inspired by Bill Clinton pictured here, to write the book. Detweiler writes that Christianity was founded on forgiveness and that Christians should not bear the burden of guilt, and he therefore agrees with Yancey that "grace" is "our last best word".

He knows how to ask questions, to listen patiently, and to treat the answers he gets with a respect that borders on courtliness. A year later, ten people were shot dead on a street called Beckman Avenue, where many of the children I have come to know reside.

Jonathan Kozol

Yancey describes his friendship with Mel Whitewho was a married pastor and Fuller Theological Seminary lecturer with two children when he came out as homosexual.Grace is the church's great distinctive.

It's the one thing the world cannot duplicate, and the one thing it craves above all else for only grace 5/5(26). Amazing Grace is Jonathan Kozol’s classic book on life and death in the South Bronx—the poorest urban neighborhood of the United States. He brings us into overcrowded schools, dysfunctional hospitals, and rat-infested homes where families have been ravaged by depression and anxiety, drug-related violence, and the spread of AIDS.

Nov 01,  · Author Philip Yancey combines his talents with Brenda Quinn's to produce a study guide for his Gold Medallion Award-winning and best-selling book, What's So Amazing About Grace'.5/5(6).

What’s So Amazing About Grace? told a story in my book The Jesus I Never Knew, a true story that long afterward continued to haunt me. I heard it from a friend who works Parliament declares an “act of grace” to pardon a criminal.

12 WHAT’S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? 98 quotes from What's So Amazing About Grace?: ‘God loves people because of who God is, not because of who we are.’ Rate this book.

Clear rating. “All of us in the church need “grace-healed eyes” to see the potential in others for the same grace that God has so lavishly bestowed on us.” ― Philip Yancey, What's So Amazing.

“Grace [is] ‘the last best word,’ the only unsullied theological word remaining in our language.” (p) So writes Philip Yancey in his book What’s So Amazing About Grace? Other words, like love and charity, for instance, have all but lost their original theological meaning, but grace has managed—even through years of usage in common .

What s so amazing about grace book
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