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Technical Theatre Terms

Shout Check — check carried out by stage management to ensure all is set. Often used in conjunction with LEGS. Small plate collects reflections of sound into a small condenser mic. Electrics[ edit ] This department is responsible for all of the onstage lighting for a show including, but not limited to, practicals, stage lighting and followspots.

Often included in the tech are the final show props. Strike Take the set apart after a production. Iron — fireproof metal curtain. Books full of suggested monologues are available.

Kill — instruction to stop action or effect. Size — glue like preparation made from animal bones, used to harden and preserve canvas on flats. It is also a chance for the tech crew who will operate the equipment to become familiar with the flow of the performance. Pyrotechnics — bombs, bangs, flashes etc.

During any one production, would fulfill the duties assigned to the Stage Manager as above. Responsibilities include calling the cues and determining the starting time of the show and ensuring the safety of all persons involved. Iris — device in lantern gate that allows beam size to be altered.

It is a rehearsal that focuses on the technological aspects of the performance,in theatrical, musical and filmed entertainment. Leg Drop A drop in which the middle has been cut out. In order to make special effects seem more realistic on stage technicians use innovative techniques and special equipment to bring the production to life across the stage.

Cyclorama A large flat curtain hung at the rear of the stage, generally used to represent the sky. The purpose of the truss is to replace standard pipes for extremely heavy loads to be lifted.

Technical rehearsal

Rigging theatre This department is responsible for all equipment hung flown in the theater space. Q Quarter — type of call, given 25 minutes before curtain up. A chalked snap line can be used to mark the line in the rehearsal room and on stage. Electricians are responsible for the assembly, installation, operation and maintenance of the lighting for a production.dry tech, new jersey rep, new jersey repertory company, on stage, theatre, theatre development fund, theatre dictionary, theatre tech, theatre terms Video of the Week Check out our Theatre Dictionary video of the week: Sides!

Technical Theatre Vocabulary. Description. Basic vocabulary for technical theater. Total Cards. Subject. A term used for any lighting device.

Term. Instrument Schedule: Definition. Paper Tech: Definition. A meeting between director, designers, and stage management to define and record the series of technical events required to. Southwestern Alum and Math Faculty Win Prizes for Coauthored Paper. management, and technical theatre.

Students who choose the Bachelor of Arts option often combine their work in theatre with work in other disciplines, are interested in graduate education focusing on research and scholarship, or are certifying to teach.

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A Compleat Glossary of Theatre Terms compiled by Tupelo Community Theatre. Start studying Tech Theater Terms. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 60+ Theater Terms Every Actor Should Know.

THEATER; theater advice; Photo Source: Pixabay. The list is seemingly endless: terms you, as a theater professional, should know. Performances.

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Theatre terms paper tech
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