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That can be seen as a weakness Temkin and Ashworth, This could be for many reasons, but all other things equal, it does argue in favor of a parliamentary system. Due to this reason, parliament may be very hesistant to pass legislation that are deemed too controversial such as same sex marriage and stem cell research due to the fear of isolating their voters and being seen as too radical.

Maths Methods Strengths and weaknesses of law-making through the courts Strengths Weaknesses Courts must make a decision on cases that come before them, and therefore they can change the law quickly once a relevant case arises.

These bodies include statutory authorities and local councils and are not responsible for or truly representations of the community as they have not been elected.

As such they cannot fill all the holes left by parliament. Let us know how we can make this resource more useful to you. It helps the health care context to prevent abuse against elders by creating them a risk assessment.

It is a strength to have methods in reducing the risk factors so elders feel safer, but in the other hand, this type of legislation is not applicable for the small scale of care homes.

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This can be seen in Queensland when the government re-acted to increasing bikie related crimes by introducing legislation to stem bikie groups. In the past, there were uncertainty surround this law and what was potentially deemed illegal is now lawful.

Mangers are capable of running the legislation on the ground. Parliament could be more responsive to the issues in society and although it is an effective law maker, it can be rather slow in keeping up to date with the values of the community that change on regular basis which can result in delegated bodies to resolve cases where legislation is needed to be made or altered.

Overall it can be seen that clearly, parliament is not a perfect law making structure. However, this does ensure that the legislation is thorough and reflect the views of parliament so that any necessary amendments can be made and as a result the legislation can be effectively applied to society.

Court must wait for a new case to arise to make law and such cases are rare. This ensures that the opposition, responsible for keeping parliament accountable approves of legislation that is passed ensuring our rights and values are protected and upheld.

More Essay Examples on Law Rubric This makes it impossible for parliament to address the needs of every individual. So the vulnerable parties feel more forward towards the society because they have the medical support and consultation of doctors. On the other hand, it avoids the inconvenience of overly frequent elections and allows new elections to be held if a prime minister is incapacitated whereas in a presidential system there usually has to be a vice president or some similar mechanism for automatic succession.

That is an advantage as well as a strength because the authorities have provided many safeguarding as well as emergency services such first aid support as well as transport facilities to care homes. Indeed, their primary role is to resolve disputes. This can allow the ruling party to partially control the election outcome by manipulating the calendar, holding votes only when their poll numbers are favorable.

Judges are often conservative and are, therefore, unwilling to embrace the role of law-maker preferring to leave this to parliament. Lastly, parliament cannot be expected to foresee all future circumstances resulting in laws being made retrospectively after the fact.

An example of this would be the changes in Victorian legislation regarding legal abortions to allow women below 24 weeks gestation to obtain lawful abortions. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Another strength of parliament is that parliament can investigate a whole topic and make a comprehensive law.Parliament is the supreme law-making body within it’s jurisdiction - Evaluate Two Strengths and Weaknesses of Parliament as a Law Maker introduction.

Parliaments main function is too establish, debate and pass bills on behalf of the people that correctly reflects the values and views of the community. Numerous factors contribute to the parliamentary system as. strengths and weaknesses of parliament.

The Strengths And Weaknesses In Current Legislation And Policy Essay Sample

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Strengths and weaknesses of law-making through the courts. Role of the courts in law-making > Strengths and weaknesses of law-making through the courts.

Strengths: Weaknesses: Strengths and weaknesses of parliament as a law-making body. Feedback. Want to. Evaluate Parliament as a lawmaker Parliament is the supreme law making body consisting of all elected members of both houses.

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Strengths and weaknesses of parliament as a lawmaker essay help
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