Social media on consumer buying behaviour

But despite all the major social networks testing or implementing them in some form, fewer than half of US retailers were using them as of Augustaccording to email marketing firm Campaigner. According to marketing consultants at The Conversation Group, 65 percent of consumers who receive a recommendation from a contact on their social media sites have purchased a product that was recommended to them.

Creating content that is easily sharable is obviously going to boost your social media marketing strategy. In short, if your social media strategy is not working, it is because you need to have a re-think and revamp it rather than abandoning it.

The Consumer as Researcher Social networking allows for the dissemination of a great deal of information about a company or product. Although this is no different from a customer service worker operating in a store with an angry patron present, the online environment allows your company to take its time in formulating the best response and ensures consistency in responses to different consumers.

According to Mind Jumpers, a community management consulting company, 64 percent of smartphone users turn to their phones to shop — and most of them look for reviews and recommendations from a number of sources to help them make their buying decisions.

This is why social media has become a hit when it comes to marketing. It is because they are being influenced by someone they can trust. So if you think that all you need to do to influence their buying decisions is to talk about your products on social media, then you may find that your efforts generally fall flat.

Deals Shoppers use social media to search for deals. Smart marketers and sales people know a lot about buying decisions and how they are actually made.

Before making a purchase, the consumer can log on to a social media network and see what other people think about your products and how you handle customer service.

Social media sites provide a means to keep content fresh, alive and active. Hence, strong emphasis is placed on the need to establish credibility and trust with customers before you even begin pitching your product. PricewaterhouseCoopers PWC polled 22, digital buyers ages 18 and older.

Inthat word of mouth is just as likely to come from a social media website or smartphone application as from a neighbor across the fence.

This is precisely the reason businesses and organizations should ensure that they establish a very big presence online, especially on social media. Friends and family are making those recommendations, too.

Social Media & Consumer Behavior

Marketing on the Social Web," that bad review is very likely to produce additional negative comments because consumers tend to follow the mob and behave like each other, creating an avalanche of poor marketing information that you may have little defense against.

Moreover, these are quite easy to share. Recent research shows that the role of social media on marketing decisions is startling, meaning it is time companies started putting more emphasis on their social media strategy.

No ad is as convincing as having someone you trust recommend a product or service. This is because social media a place where they can share information and make informed decisions when it comes to making buying decisions.

It is true that getting the best out of social media is not a piece of cake. We make buying decisions using both sides of the brain: Because social networks are designed to make information easy to share, the negative commentator can then easily get the message to others within the network.

With some networks, the consumer can communicate with thousands of people at the click of a button, easily spreading a message about your company. There is safety in numbers-human beings in general have a crowd mentality. Social networking also allows communication to go both ways, creating interactivity between businesses and customers that has had a few direct effects on consumer behavior.

Buyers are naturally suspicious-this is evidenced by the fact that sales representatives normally find it rough to convince customers to buy. With social media, word-of-mouth advertising can go worldwide in an instant with a single message sent from a single consumer.

Other reasons why consumers are so much in love with social media include: Buyers make emotion buying decisions-even the most rational buyers will somehow be influenced by emotions whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Go beyond the articles Corporate subscribers get quick and easy access to the exact data and analysis they need to make critical business decisions: All you need to do is to demonstrate to them how the same product has benefited their peers and friends.

This happens all the time on social media. Indeed, consumers are increasingly turning to social media not only to be inspired, but to also buy products from. References 2 DEI Worldwide: Respondents had shopped online at least once in the past year.

Doing business online requires that your company take advantage of any and every opportunity to communicate with customers. When looking at the marketing budget for the year, for example, savvy business owners invest in fresh content and coupons that are posted on their social media sites.

The increased availability has changed the common consumer into a researcher.Jul 17,  · Check What’s Trending Before Spending: Social Media’s Influence on Buying Behavior.

How Social Media Influences Shopping Behavior

Share on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Published on July 17, in Social Media by Russ Carpenter. It’s this territory that brands need to explore if they are to influence consumer buying behavior via social killarney10mile.comon: W. Southern Ave SteMesa,AZ. Digital buyers worldwide are turning to social networks for a variety of things, like reading reviews and staying on top of fashion trends.

According to September research, these social media activities influence their shopping behavior. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) polled 22, digital buyers.

Marketing psychologists generally agree that the reason social media has gained so much traction when it comes to consumer buying decisions is because of the following reasons: Buyers make emotion buying decisions -even the most rational buyers will somehow be influenced by emotions whether knowingly or unknowingly.

How Does Social Media Influence the Buying Behavior of Consumers? by Linda Ray. 0" + 0 " 1 # 2 1 0!+ " - 1 &!#. This research study the impact of social media on consumer buying behavior. It is done as part of "Research in Information System" Course in .

Social media on consumer buying behaviour
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