Research papers on economic growth of pakistan

Foster a new economy by introducing new technologies to improve the productivity of all workers.

Relationship between Exports and Economic Growth of Pakistan

Therefore the private sector has been occupied in short-term trading and currency speculations which do nothing for growth or the welfare of the state. Meaning more employment generation programs will be taken out.

Their study found that population distribution explains as much as 1. Transport comprises road, rail, and sea modes. This is particularly serious in the areas where the private sector is unlikely to locate due to the lack of infrastructure.

The problem is that the benefit of these programs is questionable.

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Economic growth theories incorporate variables representing the effects of production factors, public expenditure, and income distribution. The conclusion of the study was that Investment in the human capital increases the economic development in the Urban areas while dismal in the rural area particularly in women.

All this goes against the very nature of the free market economy that Pakistan is supposed to be running. The question arises as to what the military can do to alleviate the problems and stem the collapse.

There are three main criticisms of new growth theories: The government has also reduced the amount it givers to the provinces by Rs 30 billion, transferring some of its debt to the provincial governments. The government encourages foreign investment in various sectors of the economy, resorting to foreign loans and credits.

Research Paper on Pakistan Economy

More labor is available for the productive resources. The neoclassical growth theory, promoted by economists Robert Solow and Trevor Swan, was the predominant economic growth theory from the nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. The following are some suggestions: In other words it is impossible.

Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. The functioning of the agricultural credit market will be improved by gradually phasing out credit subsidies and directed credit and by developing more effective, market-based credit institutions.

The SAP program will continue to be agreed upon on an annual basis by the government, the World Bank, and other participating donors. The neoclassical model also predicts that an economy will reach its steady state, which is then determined by savings and population growth rates.

The low rate of economic growth and the high rate of inflation over the last few years have left the poor with no buying power resulting in almost a third of the population living below the poverty line.

The field of neoclassical economics emphasizes the belief that the market system will ensure a fair allocation of resources and income distribution. Hence Pakistan is permanently playing catch up to the rest of the developed world leaving very little money for social services to help the situation of the poor.

In other words the government has done nothing to resolve the issue of structural defect. Unemployment and underemployment increased in the country due to the limited productivity of the land.Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers on Economics.

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How will CPEC boost Pakistan economy? Background According to Pakistan Economic Surveythe volume of trade between Pakistan and China has increased to $16 billion.

China’s exports to Pakistan increased by ten percent during the five years from period – and add up to percentage points to the country's growth.

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We can write a Custom Research Paper on Pakistan Economy for you! Bythe formation of the economy in the territories, which is now Pakistan was under colonial India. Due to the continued dominance of the British imperialism, the country has had a very low level of economic development since the formation of a sovereign state.

This article focuses on economic growth. It provides an analysis of the main theories of economic growth including neoclassical growth theory, new growth theory, and modern political growth theory. between FDI and economic growth of the host country, and to assess the effect of FDI on economic growth of the host economy.

The present paper tries to analyze and empirically estimate the effect of FDI on economic growth in Pakistan, using the conventional neo-classical production function where FDI is considered to be an additional input. investment to GDP ratio influence economic growth (Iqbal, et al).

In Pakistan’s economy trade openness do not have significant on international trade but the country meet low diversification in export division and production division.

Research papers on economic growth of pakistan
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