Project report on education society

An uneducated man can neither be a good citizen nor good parents. Deprived of knowledge he falls in the darkness of ignorance. Development of education during planning period: It is a very important question in the field of education what type of education should be given?

However, its effect was not so far reaching, because even in the ancient and medieval societies, division of labour was less marked and even those who pursued intellectually-biased non-formal as well as formal education, had to do all sorts of indoor as well as out-door manual work.

Gaining of knowledge for its own sake had little significance for him. The year was a year of significance in the history of education in India.

But people were ignorant at that time. But it is very necessary the teacher and educated person should be more responsible and liable to spread their educational knowledge to the poor students and masses.

Everything has come to a standstill in Liberia, but our Government is trying to combat this virus along with the International Community; and Organizations such as the Liberia Education Project LEP is of no exception, especially in the rural parts of Liberia.

They tried their best to develop the system of education. Origin of Dichotomy Education and Work: Other Towns and Villages served: We have made a law to provide free and compulsory education up to the age of fourteen i.

Schools towards the basic pattern: However the communication skills were developed by imitating his family members and his neighbours. They should not pay their special attention to some special class students and rich persons. Some new agriculture universities are also established.

Education and skills

An ombudsperson can receive and investigate individual complaints and make recommendations or facilitate mediation. Thus we want to give the primary education to all, secondary education to some people. Poor parents were forced their children to stay at home and look after their younger kids.

Massaquoi As part of fighting this deadly disease, the LEP Team moved in the town of Massaquoi, a few miles away from Monrovia with the following items: Means of education should be divided according to primary, secondary and higher education.

An educated Indian requires the mastery of an international language. Project Report on Education System in India - Introduction Education plays an important role in the development of a nation.Project Report on Education System in India - Introduction Education plays an important role in the development of a nation.

Education is a very important part of. Detailed Project Report for School Education MMP – Draft Copy Page 11 Department of School Education & Literacy, MHRD, GoI NISG decentralized implementation was adopted where conceptualization and design of.

Friends of Liberia has given a small grant to Liberia Education Project (LEP) as part of their Ebola relief effort. Date: October 6, Introduction: Ebola is a virus that has claimed the lives of many Liberians in every aspect of our society.

Everything has come to a standstill in Liberia, but our Government is trying to combat this. Business and Education Leaders: Make Schools a ‘Whole Society Project’ By Emily Donaldson | June 4, Like Tweet Email Print Share on LinkedIn Comments More.

Aug 03,  · Discover our research into education and skills. Read or download all our reports, publications and consultation responses. The Google and Microsoft funded Royal Society Computing Education Project aims to support schools teaching the new computing curriculum.

DOCC Project Report (SAATH CHARITABLE TRUST) (Fund Raising for NGO) By education, essential infrastructure services and livelihood options, irrespective of their economic and social status.

The organization has various program running for children, youth & funds for.

Project report on education society
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