Positive and negative effects of video games essay

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Video Games Influence of Children

When a student does not take assignments with the deserved seriousness, the end result is performing poorly in the exams. One of the best advantages of the gaming technology is that it improves the hand and eye coordination in children.

They are not able to socialize with the real world any more or are not interested in other activities such as reading, writing etc. Gamers with regular exposure turn out to be a better resource manager as compared to those who are not avid followers of the strategy based gaming.

These may prove successful in giving gamers a fitness goal to live and keep a healthy lifestyle. But everything in excess is bound to carry negativity as well. Technological items are very expensive and they are being manufactured everyday.

Alternatively, when a teenager spend too much time on the video game, he will obviously get to do his assignments when he is too tired to concentrate, as a result, the assignments are just done for the sake of it and not because there is an interest in the same.

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Extensive gaming hours can lead to back pains and posture malfunction because of sitting and not moving all day. Another effect that playing videogames have on children is that they tend to get addicted to playing these games and give them foremost priority. There is a worrying trend in the society where morals have been abandoned by many individuals and they are practicing what they are normally fed by the media.

Positive and negative effects of video games

So, if you try to keep the habit of video gaming under control, it will serve you in all the positive ways. Experts are still looking for a way to link video games with such disorders in the body.

Still on the academic perspective, the children who take too much time in video games have always been associated with low concentration in class. Such behaviors include pornographic literature which is being used by the young people almost everywhere in our society.

Long hours of video games results in weak academic performance. The conclusions from the studies carried out indicate that, the effects which are negative on video games are by far many than the handful positive effects.

Following are some of the most common positive and negative effects of video games. In addition, with continuous exposure to the screen, the user might face infection in the eyes.

Incredible machine or the angry bird applications compel the kids to think and adopt the best strategy to win the necessary points.

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These values are important to be developed to maintain a healthy competition in everything.The Negative and Positive Effects of Video Games Essay - Negative and positive effects of video games While I was thinking on what to write for this essay, my boyfriend walked into my room and asked if he could borrow to my laptop to play a game.

To enhance the positive effects of video games while reducing the negative effects, we must limit the hours we play, and also take good care in choosing the right games for the right age groups. The content of the game is the major issue.

Essay on The Negative Effects of Video Games - Video games began in the late s. It is highly interactive but also a distinct simulation of the. Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games With the technology advancing, the trend of video games can clearly be seen growing among the teenagers today.

According to most teenagers, video games are one of the best recreational activity. Negative Impact Of Playing Video Games Media Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: However, video games may have negative effects too. For my opinion, video games will definitely affect us as a college students.

Negative impact of playing video games Good friends will use positive peer pressure to help you to be your best. other positive and negative consequences of video game play, such as beneļ¬cial effects of prosocial games on helping (Greitemeyer & Osswald, ), positive effects of action games on visual-spatial skills (Green & Bavelier, ), harm.

Positive and negative effects of video games essay
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