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It had been written for Johannes R.

The color represented the present and the black and white represented the past. Why add these conflicting images? This is done in a way that contrasts the almost pastoral scenes of the period of filming with the reality of what happened in those places in the past.

While Night and Fog states that the Nazis made soap from the corpses, giving the possible impression that this was done regularly, this claim is nowadays considered untruewith the exception of isolated cases. His last book was a collection of film criticism, Totally, Tenderly, Tragically.

However I did like the theme of this movie.

Night and Fog: The Holocaust in Film

Another point of contention was that Resnais had included photographs of French officers guarding a detention center where Jews were gathered before deportation, operated by the collaborationist Vichy government located in central France.

Why is the music misplaced? I say OUR history be cause we all are human beings on this earth. I think the director did a great job in filming this movie.

The same pathways which were filled with the blood of the victims were now all buried under the ground. The absurdity of their living situation is shown through their sleeping accommodations coupled with images of the presence of a green house, a brothel and even a zoo on camp grounds.

Night and Fog

We remember that Resnais began in movies as an editor, and his first films, shorts that also included Van Gogh, Guernica, Les Statues meurent aussi, and All the Memory of the World, were all impressive assemblages, which accentuated by montage the disjunctions and continuities between past and present.

A new German translation was desired, but as the original film soundtrack components were unavailable, a completely new audio track was created. Night and Fog is, in effect, an antidocumentary: This scene prompted a call demanding that the shot be cut because it "might be offensive in the eyes of the present-day military".

Reflection paper on a documentary Night And Fog(1955) directed by Alain Resnais - Essay Example

I got two different meanings from this. Making this film inonly ten years after the liberation of the concentration camps, with the wounds so fresh, he did not presume, first of all, to speak for the victims and survivors of the camps: The magnificent score by Hanns Eisler is also employed ironically: As the narrator says, almost any place, even a resort village with a county fair, could lead to a concentration camp.The ‘Night and Fog Decree’ (Nacht und Nebel Erlass) bypassed all forms of basic law and was an order from Hitler to his secret police to murder anyone in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe who was deemed to be a threat.

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Related Documents: Essay on Analysis of 'Night and Fog' Night Essay Brittany Greenbaum Night Summary/Analysis 1/17/13 Night is a memoire written by Eliezer Wiesel about his personal encounters as a Jewish teenager during the Holocaust. Ten years after the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, filmmaker Alain Resnais documented the abandoned grounds of Auschwitz and Majdanek in Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard), one of the first cinematic reflections on the Holocaust.

Juxtaposing the stillness of the abandoned camps’ empty buildings with haunting wartime footage, Director: Alain Resnais. In deconstructing the film’s use of image, music and narration and that of Plantigna’s ideas on narrative in non-fiction films, the ideas can be applied to Night and Fog in order to better understand the purpose and effectiveness of narrative in documentary film.

Night and Fog is a documentary that alternates between past and present, using both black-and-white and color footage. The first part of Night and Fog shows remnants of Auschwitz while the narrator Michel Bouquet describes the rise of Nazi ideology.

Night and fog documentary essay
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