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State and local law enforcement officers. Aka, the National Guard or militia. I will be the first to admit that there are some radical extremists out there, that make claims to being either a Militia Group or part of the movement itself. At the time the Constitution was adopted inthe well-established tradition was for local militia units to be kept in a state of readiness in each and every community.

Many positions are available.

List of U.S. Militia Groups

Are they not ourselves? The militia exploded into prominence, however, in April when early reports indicated that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombing suspects, had belonged to a Michigan militia, or that militia groups were in some way directly connected to the bombing.

This is what gives individuals in the in the USA the right to carry arms for personal defense? These committees do not attempt to act as regional, state, or national organizations, but only to facilitate communications among local units, the sharing of literature, and the building of a consensus for action.

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The number of groups is certainly in the hundreds. A militia can and should be self-regulated. We are first and foremost citizens of our local community.

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Texas State Guard soldiers are volunteers between the ages of 17 and 60, and train a minimum of one weekend each month. Hyperbole or 21st century concepts aside, consider the MIND SET of those who framed that amendment, which DID draw a lot of debate though, interestingly enough, not as much debate as the first amendment.

Some members go further than collecting weapons and actually plan to use them.

The Militia

Constitution did not mean "regulated by some official". All persons are welcomed in the Virginia Militia, the only requirement is a love of liberty, and a return to the ideals of our forefathers contained in Militia groups band together essay Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.

Our ranks are full, yet we hope that citizens of the Twin States of Vermont and New Hampshire will join with friends and neighbors in the community to prepare for the mutual defense of the community should it be necessary in the future. A military-issue rifle in the closet for weekend drills and the occasional riot control muster in a village of a thousand people is a far cry from a drunken redneck with a under his pillow or a gangbanger with a MAC Many of our nations founding fathers were officers in the Virginia Militia.

Versus every other republic on the planet? Agents who pretend to be trustworthy but who are mainly focused on obtaining information about militia members and their activities. The term "well-regulated" used in the Second Amendment to the U. Today we would usually identify the locality with the county.

In fact, all male citizens between ages 16 and 45 were considered to be members of the Militia and were expected to be able to muster on short notice with necessary arms and equipment to defend the Commonwealth.

Militia growth appears to have been steady throughout and the first half of Sonder, Constitution, in Article I Section 8, does provide for States to organize and train their militias according to standards established by the U. In addition, groups go in and out of existence all the time, and there are many people who are part of the movement, without being card-carrying members of any one particular group.

If the state fails to do so, people have not only the right but the duty to organize and train themselves locally, using their own arms. The second says that a "well-regulated militia" is necessary, and therefore people will need to arm themselves.Militia Groups Band Together The FBI has evidence that communication between Militia Groups has steadily increased and is currently at a record high.

An inside resource reported that the Groups are forming a coalition to take over the United States. WHAT IS THE MILITIA? WHAT IS THE MILITIA This controversy derives from a somewhat radical opposition to organized militia groups because of the many misconceptions about who these groups are and what they stand for.

Only if they band together can their rights be protected. Education in constitutional law must also be a priority. Hence, it is not a legal fiction, as there ARE currently militia groups in this nation, who band together armed, who train (to what level of proficiency is questionable), without any legal oversight, discouragement or prosecution of any lawfully armed members or groups.

Home Essays The Militia. The Militia imply the image of the Minuteman of the Revolution and to try to claim legitimacy by asserting that these paramilitary groups were the "unorganized militia" of federal and state law.

The causes for the militia movement are many, but most center around a fear of gun confiscation and the role such. Militia Groups By State AK. We as citizens must band together to protect our State and our Nation. We must protect and defend the Great Lakes and her ports.

Michigan Militia. Because a well-armed citizenry is the best Homeland Security, and can better deter crime, invasion, terrorism, or tyranny The intention of this The movement expanded in an extremely rapid way and in Junethe SPLC "Militia Task Force" was seen to report the existence of a minimum of two hundred and twenty militias together with their support groups located in thirty-nine states (Chermak, ).

Militia groups band together essay
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