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Intranasal or intravenous drug use 4. Severe damage can lead toliver failure and possibly death. Anterior and posterior views of the liver.

Women who drink alcoholic drinks per day are at a high risk for cirrhosis ii. Wedged beneath the lower right rib cage and occupying much of the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, the liver is the largest organ in the human body.

Liver Cirrhosis Outline Academic Essay

Microscopic structure of the liver. Liver builds many kinds of proteins that the body uses every day, if damaged, proteins would not be made http: Certain diseases can also put one at risk for cirrhosis.

Process nutrients from food 1. The risk factors for hepatitis B or Liver essay include: The disease cannot be Liver essay or cured except, in some cases, through a liver transplant. This is precisely what one sees in cirrhosis of the liver.

Some 1, milliliters of blood circulate through the liver every minute, and during that time, the organ not only extracts wastes and toxic matter from the blood but also regulates overall blood volume. If the liver is damaged, these toxins cannot be removed and will start to accumulate, creating problems iv.

This means that it can no longer filter toxins from the blood or perform any of its other vital functions Mayo Clinic Staff, Bile is a thick, green-yellow fluid that helps break down fats to digest food, especially fat, as it passes from Liver essay stomach to the intestines.

Liver stores some of the nutrients in a form that the body can use for quick energy, while the rest will be used to make other important chemicals the body needs 2. It can often be slowed or halted; however, especially if the disease is detected in the early stages of development.

Exposure to blood either through blood transfusion 2. The liver serves a very important role as a vascular filter. If the liver is continually exposed to liver toxins it will work to repair itself. Importance of the liver in the body major functions i.

Other Influencing Factors ie: In adults, it weighs between 2. Patients who are obese have an increased likelihood of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD d.

The volume of blood it stores is determined primarily by the pressure of blood entering and leaving the organ, with low pressures triggering the release of stored blood and vice versa. Primary biliary cirrhosis or primary sclerosing cholangitis occurs in adults 2.

What happens when liver is abnormal i. Every year, about 31, people in the U. Yet, for a variety of reasons—not the least of which include its spongy consistency, intimate association with bileand inescapable reputation as a garbage disposal—the liver is also one of our most under-appreciated organs.

Excessive consumption of alcohol d. The liver is also the most complex organ in the body in terms of function. Once broken down into useful components, the substances are either transported by the blood from the liver to other tissues or are stored in the liver for future use.

Poorly formed bile ducts biliary atresia h.

Genetic digestive disorder Alagille syndrome j. But this causes the liver to build up fibrous scars and nodules that prevent it from working correctly.Liver Cirrhosis Outline A.

Introduction/Abstract a. Importance of the liver in the body (major functions) i. Process nutrients from food 1. Liver stores some of the nutrients in a form that the body can use for quick energy, while the rest will be used to make other important chemicals the body needs 2.

If liver [ ]. Liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and estrogen like effects are problems commonly experienced by heavy drinkers. There are three types of alcohol related /5(2).

Essay on The Liver. The Liver The Liver The liver is an incredible and necessary asset to the human body. It is the largest visceral organ in the body, weighs approximately 3 kilograms and holds about a. Free Essay: The Liver:Facts, Functions, and Structure of The liver is the largest organ in the entire, normal human body.

It weighs anywhere from to Liver function The human body consist of many highly organize part working together to accomplish the function necessary for the body to sustain life. The liver is the workhorse of the human body, fulfilling such a wide range of roles that our overall health is in large part a reflection of the liver’s health.

Liver essay
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