Is google making us stupid essay response

According to the data provided there, people are losing an ability to read and think critically. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski. A culture where our emotions become artificial and task orientated.

While Hillis considered the book to be "a fine and admirable device", he imagined that clay tablets and scrolls of papyrusin their time, "had charms of their own". The notion that the evolution of human thought is tied so closely to specific channels and interests is hard to grapple with.

Carr begins his argument by reasoning how the capacity to concentrate may be weakened by regular Internet usage. The answer is simple — the author thinks that the equipment we use to read or write down information have an impact on how the information is taken or provided.

Carr selects Google as a prime example of a company in which computer engineers and software designers have applied Taylorism to the knowledge industry, delivering increasingly robust information that may have the effect of minimizing opportunities to ponder ambiguities.

As a result, he decided to analyze this question. His views are carefully constructed and researched. Carr I agree with Carr that we are becoming shallow thinking people because the internet makes research quick and simple.

They do not rely on time frame, and kind of live, work, and do as they feel and the setting of day. I think that we really have a great connection to the equipment we use for communicating and reading. Nietzsche began using a Malling-Hansen Writing Ball because of his failing eyesight which had disabled his ability to write by hand.

The reason for this according to Carr is that people are spending a lot of time the internet. He finishes his argument by describing what people are losing in the shift towards the web as our main source of information.

Again I have to agree since scientific research has shown that the brain rewires its self, constantly making new, and breaking old neuron channels. Carr described how the web is structured to make money for certain people how critical thinking skills and attention spans are ignored in the process.

Click on this button nowOrder Now One more thing that the author is worried about is what kind the information we get from Google. Ambiguity is not an opening for insight but a bug to be fixed.

Another issue I take with the cultural shifts engendered by the Internet, is the scale on which they happen. To understand whether it is a unique case or other people also suffer from this problem, it was decided to ask other quite smart people, who were fond of reading long books. Like what you read?

I get so angry when people invalidate how great these things are by scapegoating them as the reason people are stupid. The Web has captured our attention and is now the default starting point for almost all work. Piecing his entire article together leads Carr to believe we are progressing into a computer-like culture.

According to Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel, the similar thread in such disabilities is the division of our attention. Knowing the clock has made such a huge impact on our lives, I plainly see how it changed our brains thought pattern.

Carr Carr believes the internet makes us less deep thinkers due to its easiness. I have seen this first hand when I worked with Native Americans. I find myself getting annoyed when a page takes more than 30 seconds to load. What is worrying and disturbing is that skimming has grown to become our dominant form of thought Carr, Life style is changed through the internet, but we are still human.

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Reading Response

Smart people have the desire and ability to constantly expand their understanding of the world by any means possible, be it through observation, reference books, the internet, tv, film or any other types of arts and media. As the two most outspoken detractors of electronic media, Carr and Birkerts were both appealed to by Kevin Kelly to each formulate a more precise definition of the faults they perceived regarding electronic media so that their beliefs could be scientifically verified.

He observed that HAL showed genuine emotion as his mind was disassembled while, throughout the film, the humans onboard the space station appeared to be automatons, thinking and acting as if they were following the steps of an algorithm.

However, it is necessary to be very attentive because none of them presents the pure information. It is enough for them to look through the title and outline to understand the information. He went on to note that he has stopped thinking the way he used to think.

There is nothing wrong with absorbing too much information faster and in bits and pieces.Reading Response Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google Making us Stupid?” appeared in the The Atlantic Monthly and discussed his theory that the internet is rewiring the way that the human.

Summary: Is Google making us stupid Nicholas Carr

Tyler Brooks. Response Essay. Professor Kreydatus. 12/2/ The article by Nicholas Carr describes how the internet has changed the way we think, the way we read texts, such as articles or passages, and the way we process information. UCWR September 8, Essay 1: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” summary and response Summary: In the article of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr argues that the Internet is changing the way our mind works and has some negative effects on our lives.

In the article of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr argues that the Internet is changing the way our mind. Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (alternatively Is Google Making Us Stoopid?) is a magazine article by technology writer Nicholas G.

Carr, and is highly critical of the Internet's effect on cognition. Media Multitasking Essay Summary. Is Google Making Us Stupid Summary Nicholas Carr begins his essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

What the Internet is doing to our brains” he references Stanley Kubrick’s film A Space Odyssey, particularly the part where a character is dismantling the brain of and artificial intelligence machine. In the article by Carr on is Google making us stupid, the primary point presented by the author is that he is that the web has grown to become our main source of information hence it has resulted to affecting our capacity to read books and other long pieces.

Is google making us stupid essay response
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