Infant salvation

If an infant is in heaven, I have no desire to damn him to hell; if an infant is in hell, I have no power to elevate him to heaven. If Infant salvation is possible to overcome these hurdles, it will entail a display of some exegetical skill to make an irrefutable case.

But now, if the Bible forbids the doctrine that God saves some or all infants apart from conscious faith, then there is still a coherent way to formulate a doctrine of possible salvation for fetuses and infants without compromise. First, then, this morning, I shall endeavor to explain the way in which we believed infants Infant salvation saved; secondly, give reasons Infant salvation Infant salvation believing; and then, thirdly, seek to bring out a practical use of the subject.

Child evangelism is crucially important, because even young people who refuse to believe in Christ will perish and will not have eternal life compare John 3: Yes, the barbarian is quite right in driving the parent, as he does to this day, from the church yard of his own national Church, and telling him that his child may rot above-ground, and that it shall not be buried except it be at the dead of night, because the superstitious drops have never fallen on its brow.

It has been wickedly, lyingly, and slanderously said of Calvinists, that we believe that some little children perish. He who called himself the chief of sinners was a partaker of the love of Christ. It does absolutely nothing for the child. Remember, too your own sins, and the deep sorrow of repentance.

In this case, the mercy of God is immense, because it pardons and eradicates an immense sin; for the sin of heart and inclination is greater than that of act and outward conduct, because it is the source and poison of the whole of: Their minds have not reached the stage where deliberate belief in doctrine and repentance from wickedness are meaningful.

The issue now is whether, say, something like a fetus is ever chosen for salvation, and if so, whether it manifests conscious faith. Because you are so obnoxious about this whole thing on infant salvation that these tiny prodigies know better than to tell you anything.

We have learned humbly to submit our judgments to his will, and we dare not criticise or accuse the Lord of All; we believe him to be just, let him do as he may, and?

Infant Salvation

We believe that a Concerning this Declaratory Statement Dr. That this is possible is proved from Scripture instances. That is an entirely different issue which we have discussed in the following document: It casts this light upon the subject, it shows it not to be impossible that a child should be a partaker of grace while yet a babe.

It does not, however, find a logical place in Arminianism or any other system. And remember, if thou wilt turn thine eye to him thou shalt live: For a detailed study of this see Romans chapter 1. Their arguments are forced and fallacious.Infant salvation.

Infant Salvation As Related to Original Sin

Infant salvation is a question specifically asked regarding the eternal destiny of those who die in infancy. Scripture is not explicit on this issue, hence arguments are based on general theological principles and inference from Scripture.

2. In discussing infant salvation, we need to make it very clear that we are not saying that (living) babies are saved. A little baby, as cute and as innocent as it looks, is not saved, is not regenerated, is not justified and is not a child of God.

Babies are born in sin and are dead in sin (Psalm ; Eph. ). infant salvation as related to original sin In order to a correct understanding of the Calvinistic doctrine of the salvation of infants, it is necessary to remember tiie two theories of original sin which began in the August in ian and Semi-Pelagian anthropologies, and are continued in the Calvinistic and Arminian.

First, then, this morning, I shall endeavor to explain the way in which we believed infants are saved; secondly, give reasons for do believing; and then, thirdly, seek to bring out a practical use of the subject. Any infant that is saved must be saved on the basis of God’s election and Christ’s atonement.

The Bible denies that there is any other basis for salvation. This means that God could create some who would die as infants, but who would be saved, and Christ died for these when he was crucified.

Infant Salvation | Charles Spurgeon on Infant Salvation | Are infants Saved?

| An article regarding Infant Salvation written by Charles Spurgeon in the Sword & Trowel magazine of the London Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Infant salvation
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