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NYC's Safest & Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

All three of those neighborhoods are located in the city of Detroit. Though the overall crime rate in Detroit fell by 2. Even when we know locations for crimes the incidents have not been normalized based on resident and visitor population in the vicinity of an address, or are only from a single rather than all local agencies, so risks are often not accurately quantified.

The unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or a theft. Even FBI data are reported by agency not by city or town, providing an incomplete assessment of city-wide crime counts.

Census and crime statistics from the FBI. NeighborhoodScout is Powered By. The results are fine resolution, highly accurate crime data that are comparable nationally.

Instead, the neighborhoods they found to have the highest incidents of crime had high levels of High crime neighborhood and were mostly dominated by single-family homes.

Many are on the smaller side, like Memphis, Tenn. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Our exclusive crime data are developed for each neighborhood using our mathematical algorithms and crime statistics from more than 18, local law enforcement agencies.

Easy access from any computer or mobile device. Just enter an address or a neighborhood name. There is commonly more variation in crime among neighborhoods in the same city then there is between cities. Sign up for data alerts. Crime Types Defined Burglary: All are compared to city and national averages for quick comparison.

Same goes for the second-most dangerous. The taking or attempting to take anything of value from a person s by force or threat of violence.

NeighborhoodScout’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods – 2017

Most city neighborhood crime data are incomplete and inaccurate because crimes are reported by individual law enforcement agencies, rather than by city or town, and many cities — even small ones — have more than one agency responsible for law enforcement municipal, university, county, transit, etc.

Crime risk assessment across the nation is further hindered because the majority of law enforcement agencies in the United States do not geocode the specific locations of reported crimes, making it difficult to ascertain the locations, zip codes and neighborhoods where most crimes occur in America today.

Scroll down to see the list of dangerous neighborhoods. We even show the crime trends from 5 years ago to today, and forecast crime risk 5 years into the future.

The willful nonnegligent killing of one human being by another. An attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. All forms of non-consensual sexual penetration.

Neighborhoods are defined by the census tract and primarily identified in the report by the largest street intersection they contain.Above, the 15 most violent LA neighborhoods are in red. All of the most violent neighborhoods in LA County are just to the east of Inglewood. Inglewood itself however, is not represented due to lack of crime data provided by the police.

By the s, Watts transformed into a primarily working class African American neighborhood, but from the s developed a reputation as a low-income, high-crime area, following the Watts riots and the increasing influence of street gangs.

Crime Data

A popular blog about crime in Lakeview, an affluent neighborhood where the homicide rate averages about one perresidents, complains of an “epidemic” of muggings and blames City Hall for putting too many cops on the streets of South Side neighborhoods where the murder rate is over 40 times worse.

The results of our analysis, presented below, reveal the safest and most dangerous neighborhoods to live in across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Note: This analysis looks at crime rates on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. means safer than % of U.S.

neighborhoods. 1 means safer than just 1% of U.S. neighborhoods. We provide these risk ratings for: Total Crime Risk, Violent Crime Risk, Property Crime Risk, Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Theft.

May 02,  · Instead, the neighborhoods they found to have the highest incidents of crime had high levels of vacancy and were mostly dominated by single-family homes. That description matches many neighborhoods in Detroit, where a recent estimate provided by the city marked the number of vacant structures at 35, with many more vacant lots.

High crime neighborhood
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