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The Greatest Generation?

America is a great nation and is relied upon by smaller and less capable countries for defense. These technologies made life a bit easier.

Color and gender fought side by side as comrades-in-arms. We who flew the more graceful-looking Bs sardonically called those other planes Bdash2crash4. When the war was finally won, the survivors helped rebuild the shattered nation.

I refuse to celebrate them as "the greatest generation" because in doing so we are celebrating courage and sacrifice in the cause of war. Add to the honors list in that great generation the farmers of western Massachusetts who resisted the taking of their homes and land for nonpayment of exorbitant taxes.

The fighters of World War II share a special glory because that war has always been considered a "good war," more easily justified except by those who refuse to justify any war than the wars our nation waged against Vietnam or Korea or Iraq or Panama or Grenada.

And I suggest that some future writer--not an anchorman, but someone unmoored from traditional ways of thinking--may, if the rebels of Seattle and Genoa persist and grow, recognize the greatness of this generation, the first of the new century, for launching a world movement against corporate domination, for asserting human rights against guns and greed.

I wrote from my air base in England to my friend Joe Perry, who was flying Bs out of Italy, kidding him about his big clunk of a plane, but the humor was extinguished when my last letter to him came back with the notation "Deceased.

That rebellion persuaded the Founding Fathers that a strong central government was needed to maintain law and order against unruly dissidents, slave rebels, and Indians. They served in the war not for personal glory but because it was the moral thing to do.

And the dissidents of the Mexican War: They had sublimated their dreams and lives of comfort to the call of duty and love of country.

If there is to be a label "the greatest generation," let us consider attaching it also to the men and women of the sixties: We are not trying to take over and destroy the system, we make a new one. Everything is on the internet now.

Greatness such as theirs is a challenge that can be replicated given the fire and motivation they had. Millennials were led to believe that they are special and can do great things in the future.

We are so self-confident and so convinced by our greatness that we ea Print They tell me I am a member of the greatest generation. Millennials have been criticized as lazy, pretentious, self-entitled, and narcissistic. They put their lives on hold even without the assurance of ever resuming from where they left off.

For them war was sacred for the lives lost in combat. Steven Spielberg had a change of attitude towards the flag, which he associates with war, from resentment because of the Vietnam War to gratitude for the principles so valiantly fought for by our soldiers. How we are raised made us self-entitled and narcissistic.

This is to say that one great accomplishment of the Greatest Generation is to change our thinking about wars. Millennials expect everything to be easy and expects that everything can be done in a push of a button. Other than the award-winning cinematic effects and storylines, the essential lessons of the movies are not lost on us.

Why do we use the term "greatest generation" for participants in war?

I would rather recognize the greatness of all those who fought to make sure that the Founding Fathers would not betray the principles of the Declaration of Independence, to make sure that the dead and maimed of the Revolutionary War did not make their sacrifices in vain. The crews who flew those planes died in great numbers.

This generation is said to be the most adaptable. Those whom these soldiers left at home tried their best to manage.

The Greatest Generation Essay Sample

We might take the generation of the American Revolution, another generation almost universally considered "great. These were the true revolutionaries of the Revolutionary generation.

Technology made Millennials lazy. The Founding Fathers did lead the war for independence from Britain.To decide which is "the greatest generation" involves a double choice. One is the choice of a particular time period.

The other is the choice of who will represent that time period, that generation. Neither is decided arbitrarily, but rather on the basis of one's political philosophy.

An essay or paper on Analysis of The Greatest Generation. Tom Brokaw has suggested that those who lived through the Great Depression and World War II made up "The Greatest Generation" to date.

Greatest Generation 8 Pages 1) What action took place at Okinawa? What was it like there? (internet research) What were John Assenzio’s experiences there? 2) Between what Peggy Assenzio had to say about “career, marriage, and children”, and the chapter on the “Dombos”, what was the experience of the military wife during the.

Essay on The Greatest Generation On December 7ththe Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Across America on that Saturday afternoon the stunning news from the radio electrified the nation and changed the lives of all who heard it.

Although the WW2 generation accomplished a great deal and sacrificed their lives to better others, without the Revolutionary War generation there would have been nothing to accomplish or to sacrifice for in the first place.

The Revolutionary War generation setup the precedent for the great nation 3/5(2). The Greatest Generation Essay Words | 5 Pages “The Greatest Generation” is a term used to describe the generation who were the children of the Great Depression and who became the adults of the Second World War (Brokaw).

Greatest generation essay
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