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The table is covered with papers, dirty dishes, toys, laundry, etc. Use the paragraph below as a guide, but let them give their thoughts on each verse.

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Act out the scene depicted in the picture or the scenarios you discussed as a group. Narfy the Giraffe Props: This time Mindy just sits and shakes her head.

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Perhaps a couple who struggled with having children or who adopted a child, waiting for the salvation of a family member, waiting for healing from an illness, etc.

They are so comfortable, but they are new. Can anyone tell me what patience is? There is a knock on the door again. Notecards for parents with 1 Timothy 1: Appears by himself on the stage. I just need to do this on my own. My life is far from perfect! Not only does God give us strength to be patient, but He also shows us how to be patient.

I am going to wear these slippers often and try to remember to be gentler on others and myself. You will feel so much better with these comfy shoes on. I am not going to try those things on!

Maybe it is time to let those toes see the light. Look at this mess!!!! And maybe it is time to let your heart see the light of goodness too. Now, just take it easy. Oh, I totally forgot! This does not mean that we will be patient all the time!

They have always been there for me. I petted him and he seemed friendly enough so I decided to try to play with him.

All three friends try and hold Mindy down to put the slippers on her feet.This is in response to the statement that the “fruit of the spirit’s not a.” fruit of choice.

The ones coming to mind at the moment are “watermelon” and “cherry” simply because I can remember the motions that go along with them. Mar 16,  · Patience Bible Lesson for Children (Fruit of the Spirit) Print PDF Written by Kara Jenkins - Published March 16, Leave a Comment This is the fourth Bible lesson in our series based on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians /5(14).

Jason's Puppet Skit Archive All the skits available below were written by me (Jason Justice) and are here free for you to read, print, share, and/or perform.

Fruit of the Spirit Script Book

Check out the popular part Galatians 5 "Fruit of the Spirit" skit series which begins with " Love " and finishes up with a review of the series! Rate This Script: Please be constructive and treat the author's work with respect.

Patience Bible Lesson for Children (Fruit of the Spirit)

Blank ratings of 1 will be removed. Information entered below will be publicly available. A huge archive of free puppet skits and other puppet resources. Search Results Looking for scripts where: title, description, or categories contain. Fruit of the Spirit Script Book Nine puppet plays, one on each of the Fruits of the Spirit based on Galatians The skits are each approximately five minutes long and use three to four people characters.

Fruit of the spirit puppet script
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