Essay questions for the constitution

When, if ever, should official instructions and commissions be disobeyed? Read this aloud—the teacher can read or select a student reader.

We can envision the authors debating just the right language to clearly convey their intent. Assign students to find another relevant excerpt from Democracy in America that they can share with the class and analyze in a thoughtful essay.

Answer using at least three examples from the period Examine the most recent presidential State of the Union address. Cut a piece of lightweight synthetic fabric the kind of material a flag might be made of approximately four feet high and eight feet wide.

The Federalist

Explain why, or why not. Assign to each member of the group one side of each of the cases. Is the college today a deliberative body with a free choice of its own, as originally envisioned? What issues seem to be of concern to the Iraqis?

Type a list of the twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution. Put the strips in an envelope. Each student must locate this power in the text of the Constitution, labeling the strip with the article and section in which he or she found it. Choose from the following.

Invite the superintendent and school board members to share their views about school policies on religion. After students have found these references, ask them to provide the new wording and determine just why the Constitution was altered. Groups should share their findings.

Do you agree with their decision? What type to the state and county courts?

Has the electoral college system worked out that way? The rest of the class is responsible for determining just what the title of each category is.

These compromises included agreements over the representation of both houses of Congress, the decision to give districts allowing slavery credit for three voters for every five slaves, and agreement not to allow Congress to interfere with the slave trade until Congress can propose an amendment when two-thirds of both Houses vote to do so.

Select one issue that affects American youth today and which has constitutional dimensions. If your post does not follow our policy, it will be deleted.

Review the explanation Chapter 82 of how the "doctrine of concurrent jurisdiction" between national and state courts would work. Have students address this prompt: Or is it the "art of the possible," as others have said?


Essay prompts as well as a list of on-line sources are also provided. May treaty law supersede the Constitution? Describe the issue and its context, the debate over the interpretation of the Constitution, and the solutions proposed or implemented.

How do we help them appreciate just how grand an experiment the government established by our Constitution is?An Essay on the Constitution - After gaining independence, Americans created a unique government.

Purposefully diverging from the seams of a monarchial government, Americans created a new one from the ideas of republicanism.

The Constitutional Topics pages at the site are presented to delve deeper into topics than can be provided on the Glossary Page or in the FAQ are added and revised on an on-going basis.

Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note (Chapter 1) of the main themes to be developed in the essay series. 3. Do you believe our nation was established by the "design of Providence" and that Americans at the time were "one people descended from the same ancestors," as Jay (Chapter 2) contended?

Read the Constitution. September 17 is designated Constitution Day in recognition of the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in How many of these quiz questions can you answer?

1. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ESSAY QUESTION #1 Ricks County is a rural, sparsely populated county of State X. There have never been enough female prisoners to make it economically feasible to have separate facilities for them in the Ricks. Constitutional Convention Essay. Carnes History 25 September Constitutional Convention and The Constitution The Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia on May 14,is one of the most, if not the only, important meeting in American history.

Essay questions for the constitution
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