Essay on manage stress at workplace and control hazards

Stress can be enervating, motivating and challenge producing Koslowsky, These chemicals are responsible for a relaxing feeling. Beyond the optimal level of stress agitation threatens work performance. A hostile, impersonal and unstable work environment coupled to the physical demands and a host of psychosocial factors can trigger stress.

Even though employment and specifically the workplace environment can be very exciting and fulfilling, it has also been a major contributing factor to stress.

On the other hand, the body releases serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. Basically, a stressor is descriptive of an object, a situation or a circumstance that is perceived as being disruptive. Stress is characterized by high degrees of arousal and distress accompanied by feelings of not being able to cope.

Several moderators such as a self monitor, and approach to the job at hand also play a crucial role in determining the level of organizational performance. Manifestations of negative stress such as anxiety and fears are results of adrenaline release.

Likewise, low stress levels cause lack of alertness and challenge hence the employees are not able to perform at their best Hellriegel Discoveries and creative solutions are products of positive stress. Different levels of stress possess different levels of performance for different task. Organizational stressors can be categorized as; shift work, job insecurity, role conflicts, and exposure to physical hazards, long hours of work as well as interpersonal conflicts existing between coworkers or supervisors Ford Reducing the number and magnitude of stressors in the work environment is more important in performance improvement than moderate stress arousal Hellriegel Positive stress acts as a reform pedestal for personal development.

This interplay of the levels of stress and positive effects can be greatly used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the organization if stress management strategies take into account the fact that too much stress levels have the potential of obliterating the positive effects achieved so far.

Consequently as work continues to exert pressure and demands on time and energy of employees, the relationship that exists between the physical and the mental health continues to exhibit itself more profoundly.

Practically, stress arousal can be used as a boost to improving the performance but it should be understood that studies of stress performance relationships often exhibit a negative association between stress levels and overall organizational performance.

Low stress levels have been found to arouse significant motivation in a worker.

The Positive Effects Of Stress In The Workplace - Assignment Example

Therefore, after the completion of a highly demanding task, the body relaxes and plans achieving a goal. Moderate stress levels are just what an employee needs to efficiently perform.

This condition is important for the increased performance.

Physiologically, the body has distinctly unique ways of responding to a stressor.Stress In The Workplace Essay Words | 3 Pages. Stress by definition is an interaction between individuals and any source of demand (stressor) within their environment. Workplace stress can be defined as the mental trauma and distress that an employee has to go through when there is a disparity between the requirements at work and the capabilities, efficiency or the resources available.

Job related stress is a widespread problem in the workplace today. There are many different causes of stress, called stressors and they vary from person to person. People must be aware of the signs of stress, and try to prevent it before it begins affecting their lives.

Stress has both mental and /5(19).

Chronic stress issues can burden people both psychologically, defined by symptom such as restlessness, loss of confidence, self esteem, depression, anxiety; as well as physical symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, heart disease, ulcers, hair loss sexual dysfunction (Stress Management May 4, ).

For this paper, I plan to describe, in depth, the stresses that many endure in their workplace, including where stress comes from, why stress occurs, what the cause of stress is, and how you can manage and control stress/5(16).

Stress in the Workplace STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE: CAUSES, EFFECTS AND HOW WE COPE Introduction In a world of constant technological and industrial advancement on a daily basis it seems, one would expect that our lives should be easier than say 30, 40, or .

Essay on manage stress at workplace and control hazards
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