Essay about my garden

He worked on the soil for about a week during which he watered it regularly, used different tools to dig it and poured manure. It makes me come alive and I just love that feeling. Conclusion Some of the best memories of my childhood are attached to my garden.

My father chose its design and it is appreciated by all. Many a times, I also study here. It adds to the beauty of the house and also provides natural herbs that offer so many health benefits.

A bush is fun to hide in. The plants soon found their roots in the garden and small buds began to spout. We also use it in our kitchen quite frequently.

All my family members praise me for it. September 01, By Azra Ahmad: Among Essay about my garden flowering plants we choose rose, marigold, pansy and aster.

They are important because some animals eat them. It is fun to turn on the sprinkler and run through it while it waters the grass.

My Garden Essay In English For School Students

However, roses, lilies and bougainvillea can always be found in my garden. A vegetable garden will ensure customers of the freshness and quality of what they are eating. A row of lilies was set close by and hibiscus plants were planted at the other corner Essay about my garden the garden.

Flowers are also used as decorations in houses. Many people love the idea of growing plants and try their hands at it but give up in some time. It was then that the idea of growing my own garden sprang in my mind.

Here are essays on My Garden of varying lengths to help you with the same in your exam. After mulling for over an hour, we finally choose a few saplings of hibiscus, bougainvillea, lilies and roses.

Our balcony has quite big area that we have made a small garden there. For gardening few gardening accessories are needed. Since we live in a flat, we did not have a proper area that could be turned into a garden.

I have all seasonal flowers in my garden; since I water them I take care of them like my little ones. Most of these are herbs such as aloe vera, basil, mint, coriander, curry plant and lemon grass.

This place can uplift my mood in fraction of seconds. Trees are also used to make houses, swings, paper, boxes, bags, etc. It gets difficult for me to return as I feel so attached to the very essence of the places where nature can be seen in its pure, unadulterated form.

Not only for human life, but for the very existence of Earth trees are essential. Besides, we also brought home areca palm, spider plant, aloe vera, basil and asparagus. The nursery in-charge told us ways to take care of different plants so that they remain green for long.

We host a lot of parties at home and the gazebo is a hot favourite spot of the guests. It was summer season and the nursery was blooming with pink and white lilies, colourful hibiscus, roses, pansies, sunflowers and bougainvillea.

I love it when my entire family sits together in the garden to have their evening tea. I am thankful to my mother for giving me such a beautiful place to sit and rejoice nature. Trees are fun to climb. We spoke about the idea with our parents and they agreed to it on the condition that we will have to take care of the entire thing on our own.

It has been 3 years now and my garden is filled with a variety of flowers and leafy plants. Many a times, I call my friends to my place. They bear fruits and fill the air with their refreshing smell.

Essay on My Garden

Lemon tree, mango tree, banana tree and papaya tree have always been a part of it. It is super fun and I always look forward to it. If you wish to do something good for our society just give back a part of your home to the Planet — I mean Plant trees!My Garden Essay for Class (std) 2 for School kids and senior students,, words, for Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and My garden, my garden how beautiful it is.

What I Like About the Garden by Rachel Tomlinson, age 11 Watch the beans climb the corn, That's what I like about the garden. Pick a tomato from the plant, That's what I like about the garden.

Search for strawberries under the leaves. At my home, we have a balcony, with my balcony has quite big area that we have made a small garden there.

My grandfather advised to make a garden area there. He suggested that I can grow plants in small flower helped me a lot in arranging the plants and taught me how to take care of them.

I have a small beautiful garden at my home in Kerala. There are many beautiful flowers in our garden. Rose, Hibiscus, Lilly, Orchids, Sunflower, Dalia etc.

are some of them. My grandmother takes care of our garden. When we go to Kerala for vacation, I help my grandmother to water the plants. She teaches me Continue reading "My garden-. WINNER:’“BEST’NEWSCHOOL’GARDEN”’ pupusas,#tomatillosalsa,#andlots#more.# Our#garden#has#tomatoes,#beets,#garlic,# Microsoft Word - Best School Garden Essays Author: Edward Cupaioli.

My garden- short paragraph/simple essay.

I have a small beautiful garden at my home in Kerala. There are many beautiful flowers in our garden. Rose, Hibiscus, Lilly, Orchids, Sunflower, Dalia etc. Read More.

Essay about my garden
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