Eng102 annotated bibliography

It is a good resource to start with when you look for something, to get an idea what it is. He has directed statewide and nationwide studies on adolescents and sexual activity for about twenty-five years.

The main reason I chose this as my primary source was because I read it years ago and it was entertaining to read so I was encourage to read it again. One of the reasons for this is because some parents do not think that sex education should be taught in schools.

All the articles on the website were written by experts. This is based on the research from Liverpool John Moores University.

It talks about how important it is to teach sex education and it tells you how to do it at every age. Another reason is because President Bush called for abstinence-only sex education and has the power to withhold funding, so many schools are staying away from sex education. The author does a good job of backing up my main points.

This website is written by people who want to write meaning anyone can. This is mostly caused by Eng102 annotated bibliography lack of sex education for teens and ignorance about contraception. For both degrees his area of research was sexuality; specifically sexuality and attachment theory and sexuality and disability.

The final goal of this issue is to reduce teen pregnancy and the spreading of STDs rates in the United States after all.

This article is actually written by the Mayo Clinic staff who has abroad knowledge of the field. I believe that it is appropriate for children before they are teens to start learning sex education.

This article encourages parents to be open, be honest and talk about sex with their children from younger ages. I believe the sources I listed are great sources to find out about sex education in the United States and these would help to write my final project.

Gateway Community College AZ. He is an expert in this field. I choose this article because the author goes through the primary characteristics of the zombie genre.

The author talks about the gore and violence of the zombie movies along with how they can break taboos like cannibalism. The number of people who are getting transmitted STDs and becoming pregnant are increasing in America.

He has an honors BA in psychology and a Masters degree in counseling psychology. Pearson Education, Inc, I say the information they have is accurate and article is easy to read.

This website is an excellent website to learn about issues of Sex. The author talks about how zombies are presented in other mediums other than literature and movies. Sex education has been a big issue in the United States and it is a serious problem that we have to focus on.

It talks about the overview of Education in the United States including history and related issues. This is my primary source for my essay.

The articles they have are interesting to read because they use a lot of facts that impact readers and makes them read the articles. This article talks about the policies of school districts on sex education and the attitude of parents toward teaching sex education in schools.

This website was established in for young people to make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Learning sex education from their own parents is the best way to learn and it is a big influence to children.

I can say that he is an expert on the field of adolescent and sexual activity. This is a good resource for parents and educators.

A has the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the industrialized world and this is going to keep increasing unless we do something about it.

This book is an excellent book for learning about adolescence. I listed a source which includes an overview of sex education after the facts that I explained above to give details about sex education including what sex education is and what it teaches to children.

This article suggests that children should be given sex education earlier because they are going through puberty earlier. This book was written by an expert of child development and information in this book is regularly edited to be current. Bishop compares the zombie with other monsters.

This book discussed personality and social development.

The information in the article is accurate and has powerful facts from researchers.Annotated Bibliography My topic is sex education in schools in the United States. My main questions are if sex education should be taught in schools and when it is appropriate for children to start attending sex education.

View Homework Help - Week 3 Bibliography from ENG at University of Phoenix. Annotated Bibliography By: Usman Khan ENG/ Week 3 Assignment Professor Christina Monnett August 20th Snyder, J. This is one of my secondary sources.

I choose this article because the author goes through the primary characteristics of the zombie genre. The author talks about how the fear of the genre relate to the world events of when certain movies came out. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Does music influence society as much as society influences music?

Annotated Bibliography and Research Proposal By: Ashley Dennard What broad public social justice issue does this question respond to? An annotated bibliography is a bibliography with summaries of each source.

It looks like a works cited page in that you have the MLA works cited entry and each entry is alphabetized, but after each citation is a summary of the source's content.

Eng102 annotated bibliography
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