Consequences of the first world war

Around 1 crore people were killed. League of Nations came into being. It is passionate; therefore the blood that flows through our newspapers must be warm.

First World War (1914-1918): Causes and Consequences

The Balkan peoples of Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria all wanted independence from their Austian rulers. When he came home, was this Congress that had to "buy" his treaty and the revised 14 points.

Store First World War Britain and France vs new imperialist countries Eg: Germany and Austria-Hungary pledged support should Russia attack either country. Countries had to raise taxes and borrow money from their citizens. This scramble for empire created competition among various imperial empires.

The role of women also changed. The rapidly expanding empires seemed to have no understanding about the bitterness that reckless imperialism brought between competing empires, nor did they seem to understand how imperialism influenced the politics of previously-sovereign nations that came under colonial control.

The Austrian-Hungarians acted most recklessly, caring little about the possible consequences of a small Balkan War. France wanted to capture Alsace-Loraine back from Germany.

The subsequent war was between the Balkan countries themselves — Eg: Austria Hungary was carved up to become the newly-independent states of Austria and Hungary.

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Conclusions about Organic Weakness 2 - how historical and contemporary grievances led to war: Britain and Russia agreed to settle all outstanding colonial disputes - especially in Persian, Tibet, and Afghanistan.

Young middle and lower class men and women demanded a say in forming their country after the war. At least two other factors were needed: At that time, Britain entered two alliances - one with France and another with Russia.


It was also a first in at least four areas: Companies had to close because men left their jobs to fight in the army. For the first time, more people were literate than illiterate - which encouraged the growth of mass-circulation newspapers.Political Consequences.

World War I brought an end to four monarchies: Czar Nicholas II of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Emperor Charles of Austria and the sultan of the Ottoman Empire had to step down.

Map of Europe after World War I. New countries were created out of old empires. First World War (World War I) is considered as one of the largest wars in history. The world’s great powers assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies (British Empire, France and the Russian Empire) versus the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary).WWI lasted from 28 July to 11 November Consequences of the First World War A war unlike any to those that had preceded it, the First World War was fought on such a global scale that the sphere of influence of its consequences encompassed virtually the entire world.

A look at the major consequences of World War I, from redrawing the map to creating myths that would contribute to a second great war. The Consequences of World War I Search the site GO. Causes and Consequences of World War I. Today, we begin the second part of our story with our first discussion in Unit II understand the geopolitical realities of Europe in the 19th Century and how five organic weaknesses in Europe led to the first large-scale global war - World War I.

Consequences. In some ways, humankind has never recovered from the horrors of the First World War: Death and destruction: Eight million soldiers died and many more were damaged physically or mentally.

Consequences of the first world war
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