Cause and effect essay on salem witch trials

The judges accepted her confession instead of dismissing her as insane. Disputes, Rivalries and Personal Differences Many of those who were accused of witchcraft had unsettled accounts with their accusers or were seen as a threat to the Puritan values.

They were blamed for all kinds of misfortunes from illnesses and failed crops to bad weather and other things that had a perfectly rational explanation even three centuries ago.

Everyone was at risk of being accused, from the very young, such as Dorcas Good, a four-year-old boy who was jailed and put in chains; to the old and well liked, like Rebecca Nurse who was a seventy-one year old lady and was considered kind and generous.

In my opinion, the Salem witch-hunt was revolting. The destruction of innocent human lives was atrocious. Parris noticed their odd behavior and asked the help of Dr.

Tituba, however, confessed to being a witch. About 50 people were directly or indirectly accused by the members of the Putnam family which strictly followed the Puritan beliefs and customs, and strongly supported Reverend Samuel Parris, the initiator of the witch hunt. Ergot Poisoning Consumption of rye grains contaminated with a fungus known as ergot is another possible explanation for the witch hysteria in the late 17th century Salem.

He was accused of being the coven leader of all the witches in Massachusetts. Some of the girls who read these books formed small groups to use the divination techniques that they had read about.

Eventually, those accused of witchcraft could be anyone regardless of social standing. The jury found Rebecca Nurse not guilty but when they revealed their verdict in her case, the girls "howled, thrashed about, and rolled around on the floor.

Betty and Abigail were disquieted by their fortunes and began to act strangely. According to the belief, witches were in alliance with the devil that gave them power to do harm.

People realized that at anytime anyone of them could be pointed out and so the society fell even more. They were "having fits, making strange noises, and contorting their bodies.

It was the time of the Salem witch trials.

And for girls, it was even worse because the restrictions for them were more severe than they were for boys. As the trials gained momentum, no one was safe from accusations; the girls accused people regardless of age, health, or public opinion.

Many of those accused were townspeople who were more prominent than others. But the attempt had failed and 19 of their supporters got accused of witchcraft.The Salem Witch Trials - The Salem Witch Trials The witch trials of the late 's were full of controversy and uncertainty.

The Puritan town of Salem was home to most of these trials, and became the center of much attention in The effects of Salem trials were among them was the large impact it left to the community.

List of 5 Possible Causes of the Salem Witch Trials

During those times everyone concentrated on the trials and so no one was available to take care of the crops in the farms which subsequently resulted to a poor yield. The Effect of the Salem Witch Trials on Puritanism Words | 8 Pages.

The Salem witch trials had a drastic affect on the Puritan religion. The trials helped shape and point the direction for the New England Colonies and the Puritan religion.

Salem Witchcraft Trials Cause and Effect. Topics: Salem witch trials What Were the Causes and Effects of the Salem Witch Trials Essay in Salem, Massachusetts was a the Salem Witch Trials began when a group of girls were discovered dancing in.

Salem Witchcraft Trials Cause and Effect

One of the most fascinating topics is the well-known Salem Witch Trials. By studying and analyzing different explanations, this essay attempts to answer why women accused one another during the witch trials, and also why people were accused.

Salem Witch Trials essay

Essay title: Salem Witchcraft Trials Cause and Effect In the area of Salem town and Salem village became very vulnerable to conflict. Severe weather such as hurricanes had damaged land and crops, the effects of King Phillips War began to impact New England society, and colonists were being forced off of the frontiers by Native peoples/5(1).

Cause and effect essay on salem witch trials
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