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As Brown puts it: Modeling is done by the teacher whereby a particular structure of sentence is spoken and learners repeat the sentence, mimicking its sound patterns and intonation, and aiming for identicalness. The ALM has a firm foundation in the theories of both structural linguistics and behavioural psychology, and thus incorporates techniques and strategies that advocate the concepts and assumptions of language learning from both schools of thought.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? From this lesson, Dr. When learners lose their motivation, it negatively affects their progress in second language learning.

They have thought for centuries to look for a best way to teach and learn foreign languages, and there actually emerged lots of methods of language teaching.

Usually the last phrase of the sentence is repeated by the learners and then parts are added on, or expanded, until learners are able to repeat the complete sentence without further trouble. The goal of this method is to increase communicative competence in the second language.

In the s, the Army Method was renamed the Audiolingual Method.

Some teachers may stubbornly hold fast to the rules of the ALM and refuse to stray from it. In short, communicative competence is still called to question. Special intensive language programs were developed by the U. This book is a constant reminder for pedagogues and developing teachers to reflect and evaluate their own teaching habits to determine if they are offering students the best possible education.

Translation of the target language into the native language is considered harmful and will hinder acquisition of the second language. This discussion aims to further understand the Audio-lingual Method and explore the advantages and disadvantages of employing it in the second language classroom.

The Audiolingual Method is a combination of structural linguistic theory, aural-oral procedures, and behaviorist psychology, which endows it with its own distinctive characteristics. Refer to Appendix A 6. They should maintain a high level of self-motivation by actively participating in tasks and activities and being attentive at all times.

Repetition drill Repetition drill is the normal drill, usually used to teach the lines of the dialogue. The native language also plays a minimal role in the ALM. In such a case, the 11 objective of second language teaching should be questioned. Such translations are believed to impede the mastery or control of the second language.

Audio Lingual Method

The challenge is to help learners apply the knowledge they have gained to communicating effectively and in a natural manner. However, the disadvantages and negative implications can be overcome if a slightly more eclectic approach to second language teaching is taken.

The teacher begins by addressing a student, or asking him a question. The use of dialogues and the process of progressively adding new vocabulary and grammar constructions has proved very useful within the second language classroom at UPRM.The subject of this essay will be the audio-lingual method which is a teaching method that was first used in the 's until the 's, although it could be safely stated that the method is regularly used in modern day language teaching.

1 INTRODUCTION The Audio-lingual Method (ALM), by its very name – “audio” and “lingual” – refers to a language teaching approach that focuses on two aspects of language, namely listening and speaking. Read this English Essay and over 88, other research documents. Audio Lingual Method.

This will guide their use of the language. In addition, various techniques can be applied in using this method to 2/5(1). The Audio-Lingual method, which was proposed by American linguists in s, was developed from the principle that “a language is first of all a system of sounds for social communication; writing is a secondary derivative system for the recording of spoken language” (arroll, p).

4 The Audio-Lingual Method (Pages ) 1- Compare and contrast the Direct Method and the Audio-Lingual Method. (1) Both are oral-based approaches. In my teaching situations, I use aspects of the Audio-Lingual method, especially in an English Conversation Club I facilitate.

In preparation to teach Conversational English to international graduate students at UPRM, I read Communicative Language Teaching Today by Jack C Richards.

Audio lingual method essay
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