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Only as they return to Archbury does he regain his composure and fall asleep. How can I get them to take maximum effort? He breaks the rules and violates command instructions so that his group can complete a dangerous mission when other groups fell back.

He noted that the film focused more on the human element than the aircraft or machinery of war. One reason is the U. He begins by reprimanding Lt. Bevan had received publicity as a " stowaway gunner" similar to McIllhenny in the filmeven though in reality he had been invited to fly missions.

However, the airmen and pilots begin to change their minds after he leads them on a mission in which the th was the only group to strike the target and all of the aircraft made it back safely.

But he was equally ready to recognize and encourage even the smallest positive gesture or initiative and promote those who displayed capacity. In order to address discipline problems, Savage deals with everyone so harshly that the men begin to detest him.

Set on a US Air Force base in England during World War Two, a squadron of pilots are attempting to prove the efficacy of highly risky daylight bombing raids deep into the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe.

How can I get them to work harder? Both must rely more on education and inspiration than compulsion. Rather than questioning the motives of the men, he focuses on building up skills and organization.

He is impersonal but totally involved and committed to accomplishment. Teamwork and Coordination He emphasizes group integrity vs individual accomplishment, even if it is heroic by reprimanding the pilot for breaking formation to save his roommate. In addition, their commander, Colonel Keith Davenport Gary Merrillhas become too close to his men to instil adequate discipline.

Their success generated such pride that the men forgot their previous resentment and dislike for Savage and became his faithful followers. Freedom and creativity can thrive only on a foundation of self-discipline.

He wants his team to be fighting to get on the plane for every mission and every exercise. Reluctantly, Pritchard leaves him in command. When he began, his men believed they were risking their lives for no purpose and contributing nothing of real significance to the war effort.

Is Twelve O’Clock High the definitive movie about leadership?

They both recognize that though you can physically compel a person to outwardly behave in a particular manner by threat or fear, you can never release his full emotional energies for accomplishment in that manner.

He succeeded because he recognized that his men were capable of extraordinary feats of heroism and inspired them to display it. As Stovall relives memories of the place, the scene flashes back to and the main plot begins.

Only those who are behaving in a useless manner. He does not do it out of personal animosity, but because Gately needs it. How does it change the thinking of his crew? Savage also softens his attitude towards the men as he becomes more closely involved with them.2 hr 12 min Drama Action/Adventure; Be the first to Rate!

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Introduction | Plot Summary | Characters | Commentary & Analysis. Introduction. The real solution is depicted in 12 O'clock High, a 50 year old Hollywood movie starring Gregory Peck as an Air Force commander, General Savage, faced with the task of reviving the morale and performance of a bomber squadron in England.

Feb 13,  · Twelve O'Clock High is exceptional in every way. It is very similar to the excellent movie Command Decision, but goes deeper into the emotional and psychological cost of commanding the bombing campaign against Nazi Germany/10(K). Twelve O'Clock High is a film about the World War II Air Force Squadron, starring Gregory Peck as the commander assigned to straighten up a down-on-their luck squadron, and send them into battle%.

Twelve O'Clock High is a American war film about aircrews in the United States Army's Eighth Air Force who flew daylight bombing missions against Nazi Germany and occupied France Henry King (uncredited) and Beirne Lay, Jr.

from the novel 12 O'Clock High, also by Bartlett and Lay.

It was directed by King and stars Gregory Peck. Twelve O'Clock High () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

12 oclock high summary
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